In 1865, 22-year-old watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot founded his own manufacture in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel. His commitment to creating exceptional timepieces with the finest craftsmanship was encapsulated by a name synonymous with success, power and the highest point reached by a celestial body: Zenith.


Over the past 148 years, Zenith has continued to create beautiful hand-crafted watches in the same location. Clearly a precocious talent, Favre-Jacot was the first watchmaker to ensure that all aspects of watchmaking were brought under one roof. Today, Zenith is one of very few watchmakers that produce its pieces entirely in-house.


From creation to completion, a Zenith watch will spend nine months in their Swiss headquarters. During that time, they are meticulously crafted and tested. In fact, when all the watchmakers, designers, scientific researchers and engineers are considered, each watch is created by 80 different talented individuals. The luxury brand’s autonomous spirit and high-end pedigree are reflected in the kind of inspiring individuals who have relied on their timepieces over the decades.


Thanks to the accuracy and dependability of their chronographs, Zenith also has a proud history within aviation. Their suitability for the skies was proven in daring fashion in 1970, when an El Primero was strapped to the landing gear of a Boeing 707 during a flight from Paris to New York. Despite huge fluctuations in temperature and pressure — not to mention tremendous jolting — the watch maintained its regular cadence of 36,000 VpH throughout, and required no adjustment. Well, except for time difference.


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